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Content Creation

Organic Social Media

  • Since managing the Nichols College social media accounts, I've increased:

    • Engagements by 28.9%

    • Impressions by 33.5%

    • Link clicks by 163% 

    • Followers by 30%

    • Video Views by 111%

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Paid Advertising

December Application Express

  • Display ad to promote a quick and easy application process with an additional grant, only for December 2020 applications. 

  • I created the campaign concept to be nostalgic for the movie "The Polar Express."

  • The team graphic designer created the images. ​

  • The ad was accompanied by organic social, text, and email promotion I created and coordinated.

  • The campaign was so effective it's become a recurring December campaign. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (41).png

Below are samples of the most effective advertisements I've created while working at Nichols College. 

Text Simulation Video Ad

  • Video ad targeting 3 different audiences: 17-year-old students, 18-year-old students with behavioral targeting, and mothers of teenagers with behavioral targeting. 

  • Ran on Instagram and Facebook. 

  • Created video in Adobe Premiere Pro and constructed ad in Facebook Ads Manager. 

  • CTA to add Nichols College on Common App and apply. 

  • The ad is outperforming our current image ads in CPC, conversions (landing page views), impressions, and reach. 

Transfer to Nichols Ad

  • Video ad targeting students at a nearby closing institution. Used geo-targeting as well as behavioral targeting. 

  • I created ad concept, starred (the beginning of my acting career), recorded voice-over using podcast equipment, edited video on Adobe Premiere Pro, and designed the campaign.  

  • CTA to transfer to Nichols College. 

Video Creation

Below are sample video projects from my time working at Nichols College. I filmed, directed, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, and promoted each video. 


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