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Goal: To drive attendance to the Free Mortgage Checkup event and ultimately result in attendees using Webster Five’s Mortgage Loan Originators to refinance their mortgages.


Visual- A cardboard cut-out of MLO, Candido Diaz, in a doctor’s lab coat was set up at each branch. To further drive conversation, personal bankers wore stethoscopes leading up to the event and encouraged customers to take pictures with the cardboard cut-out.

Flyer- To be displayed at each branch on the teller line, community bulletin board, and clear pop-ups around the branch. Additionally, smaller bookmark-sized slips with the event information were available at the teller line.

Email- An email blast was sent out to all personal banking customers (business customers, trusts, etc. were excluded), with all the information listed on the flyer, and a direct link to register for the event. Another email blast was sent the week-of to any customer that didn’t open the original email. (See email campaign success in results).

Social Media- Posts were made on both LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as an event created on Facebook. All Mortgage Loan Originators were encouraged to share the event to their own professional MLO pages, and small blurbs were sent to them to provide examples of what to say when sharing the event.


To create more excitement leading up to the event, a small contest was run over Facebook. The Auburn branch employees were pictured posing with the cut-out and sharing their Dunkin Donuts breakfast with him. If customers commented their “go-to coffee order” they were entered to win a gift card.


The post was then re-posted, which received even more comments than the original. Because events were new to the bank, the marketing department was not yet interested in promoting the posts or paying for advertisements online. All digital marketing was free of cost.

LinkedIn and Facebook were the only social media sites suitable for promoting an event like this. Twitter is not yet used by Webster Five. Their YouTube channel is primarily instructional videos (online banking, etc.), and Pintrest, etc. are not common in the financial industry. 

Follow-up- A thank you email and survey (To gather information on how helpful the event was and what they enjoyed/would improve) was immediately sent out after the event to the attendees’ emails collected from the sign-in sheet. Each attendee received a personalized thank you card in the mail from the MLO they spoke to.

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Facebook Contest 
Post #1:



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Facebook Contest 
Post #2, A Re-Post:



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A take-home gift for attendees. 


-10 Attendees, 8 of which scheduled ahead of time.  

-1 mortgage refinanced. Conversations are still being held between attendees and MLO’s, according to Nicholas Lynch, MLO Manager. Nicholas is hopeful another attendee will be refinancing come spring.

-5 attendees were referrals from personal bankers after the customer saw the flyer. 2 attendees had seen the posts of social media, and 3 attended due to the email blast; whether the first or second.

-Average email open-rate was an impressive (compared to other Webster Five emails) 20%, and a 2% click-through rate. The click-to-open-rate was lower at 18%, I believe because customers will open the email even if they aren’t interested just to open it. To open and then click on the registration link they must be interested in the event.

-Webster Five’s MLO’s were so happy with the outcome, profitability, and low-maintenance nature of this event that they plan to do one every 4 months in the future.

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