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Goal: To drive attendance to the Home Buyers Seminar and ultimately result in attendees using Webster Five’s Mortgage Loan Originators to open mortgage loans. To promote Webster Five’s brand as a community bank looking to do good by providing educational seminars to customers and non-customers for free.


Flyer- To be displayed at each branch on the teller line, community bulletin board, and clear pop-ups around the branch. Flyers can also be passed out to friends, family, business partners, and local groups like Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.

Visual- Cedar wooden playhouse to be set up on display inside of the branch where the event is taking place (Oxford) to remind customers of the event and increase interest. Any customer, whether planning on attending or not can enter to win the cedar wooden playhouse by filling out a slip in branch.

Extra Incentive- All personal bankers have “Diaz Dollars”,  named after the Mortgage Loan Originator hosting the event, Candido Diaz. On the back of the Diaz Dollar is all the information about the event.


The Diaz Dollar should be used to create conversation between the personal banker and the customer. If the customer brings the Diaz Dollar with them to the Home Buyers Seminar, they receive 20 extra raffle tickets to the cedar wooden playhouse.

Email- An email blast was sent out to all personal banking customers (business customers, trusts, etc. were excluded), with all the information listed on the flyer, and a direct link to register for the seminar. A secondary email was sent the week-of the seminar to customers who didn’t open the first. (See email success in results).

Social Media- Posts were made on both LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as an event created on Facebook. The Facebook event page was shared once originally, once each week leading up, once the week-of, and once the day-of. All Mortgage Loan Originators were encouraged to share the event to their own professional MLO pages, and small blurbs were sent to them to provide examples of what to say when sharing the event. The bank is not interested in doing paid advertisement or promoting social posts for these as doing regular events were being tested and just introduced to the bank.

Employee Engagement- To encourage personal bankers to talk to customers about the event and hand out the Diaz Dollars, a contest was run that the personal banker that has the most Diaz Dollars turned in at the Home Buyers Seminar with their employee number on it, will receive a $25 amazon gift card.

Follow-up- A thank you email and survey (To gather information on how helpful the event was and what they enjoyed/would improve) was immediately sent out after the event to the attendees’ emails collected from the sign-in sheet. Personalized thank you cards were sent out in the mail from Candido Diaz, the hosting MLO, to each attendee.


-24 Attendees; a twenty person increase from the Home Buyers Seminar Webster Five previously hosted in the Spring of 2018.

-2 mortgage loans created from attendees of the event in the week following. Conversations are still being held between attendees and MLO’s, according to Nicholas Lynch, MLO Manager.

-The employee with the most Diaz Dollars turned in during the event with their employee number on it, had 3 Diaz Dollars turned in. Second place was a tie with two employees having 2 Diaz Dollars turned in.

-Most attendees said they learned of the event from the flyers, followed by social media, then by email with the lowest rate of gathering attendees.

-The email blast did not see as much success as the Mortgage Checkup’s, potentially due to the topic, time of year, etc. The open rate was 17%, with a 1.75% click through rate.

-Proved to be among the most profitable events Webster Five has ever hosted.

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